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Dometic SeaStar Front Mount Helm

Helm, 1.7 cubic inches, HH5271-4

Unmatched comfort and control, only with SeaStar Steering. The world's most popular hydraulic steering system - offering smooth, efficient No Feedback Steering for single- and multi-outboard engines up to 350 HP (700 HP combined for counter rotating twins) and for speeds up to 60 MPH.

Verkocht in ons dealernetwerkArt nr: 9620016752 (HH5285-4)

Greatly reduced "chatter" noise that is typically generated by overrunning steering loads

Improved check valve durability with a more robust design

Better trailering performance as well as longer service life

Eliminated flow noise when coming off hard-over position

Decreased clicking sound of the lock valve spool during steering reversal

Tighter, more responsive steering resulting in better "regrip" performance

Full compatibility with existing SeaStar hydraulic steering systems


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