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  • Dometic upgradet zijn kleinste draagbare elektrische koelbox
Dometic makes upgrade on its smallest portable electric cooler

Dometic upgradet zijn kleinste draagbare elektrische koelbox

Stockholm, Zweden – datum, 2023 Dometic heeft zijn draagbare elektrische koelbox CFF12 voorzien van een upgrade. Een nieuw eigentijds design gecombineerd met 18% meer inhoud en dat met bijna dezelfde afmetingen als het huidige model. De Dometic CFF 12 is smal genoeg om tussen de voorstoelen van bedrijfswagens te passen of bij personenauto’s achter een van de voorstoelen, zodat je tijdens lange ritten voldoende kan blijven drinken.

Dometic introduces new CFF12 electric cooler with new design and extended capacity that still fits in the middle of front seats and is portable enough to carry around with equipped shoulder strap.

The new Dometic CFF12 increased its volume from 11L to 13L while keeping the current width. The inner space is now big enough to hold 20pcs of 0.33L cans.

The lightweight compressor technology and super-slim design of the Dometic CFF 12 make it easily portable. 

While traveling, the CFF 12’s integrated guide elements for seat belts ensures it is securely fastened inside the vehicle.

The CFF 12 cools continuously to offer minimal power consumption, regardless of the ambient temperature. 

A new feature is the detachable cupholder with adjustable fingers to hold various sizes of bottles and tumblers. 

Under the detachable cupholder, there is now a storage compartment for smaller items such as phones and keys to be placed. 

Just as before, the CFF12 comes with a robust shoulder strap so the cooler can be carried easily from the car to a camping site or picnic at the beach.

The new Dometic CFF12 is available now at selected retailers, e-tailers and the Dometic website.   

Dometic makes upgrade on its smallest  portable electric cooler
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