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Byron the explorer

Adventures with the Dometic CFX-3

Byron the explorer

Based in the heart of the Alps, Tarah and David are perfectly placed to feed their passion for the outdoors. Exploring in “Byron”, their self-converted Sprinter Van, David explains he is spoiled with great food courtesy of Tarah’s culinary talent and fresh ingredients from their Dometic CFX-3 powered cooler.

Tarah and David
Tarah and David
What do you enjoy doing?

We both love being in nature, hiking, camping, traveling, discovering new places. We also enjoy creating photo and video content on these adventures, that hopefully inspires others to go out and explore.

Where are you from?

We are both from a small town in Germany, but after our spectacular Work and Travel year through Australia in 2013, we decided that we want to move somewhere we can continue living the outdoor spirit. So, for that reason, we moved to Innsbruck, Austria, which is basically a big outdoor playground!

What does it mean to you to be a Dometic Ambassador?

It truly does mean a lot to us being part of the Dometic family and representing this amazing brand that we already loved as costumers. Not only does Dometic indicate outstanding quality and durability, we also stand behind Dometic's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

What Dometic gear do you have? And how has it helped you?

We've got the Dometic CFX-3 and are obsessed with it! Tarah is a hobby chef and loves to cook, so I get spoilt rotten. Thanks to the CFX (and Tarah of course) we eat delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients, as well as cold drinks. We love that the CFX is super powerful while being also efficient, and the fact it charges while you're driving.

Tarah and David
What is your favorite memory from out on your adventures?

During a trip to Iceland, we kayaked alongside massive icebergs. Suddenly sea lions would pop out of the water right next to you

What is the worst memory from out on your adventures?

Again, in Iceland, we were without a heater at minus 20 degrees for 10 days. Then you really rely on your sleeping bag!

If you could only pack the 3 most essential things to take with you on a trip, what would this be?
  • Camera to capture the memories
  • Dometic CFX-3, to have fresh food
  • Hiking boots, to go out exploring.
What is your dream trip?

Road trippin’ with our own Van from the very South of Patagonia to the North of Alaska

Beach or mountains?


Morning or night?


Music or podcasts for road trips?


Tarah & David

About Tarah and David

David was introduced to the mobile lifestyle when only a few months old. Together with his parents and sister, David traveled through most of Europe with rented caravans. In his teenage years, David discovered his love for rock climbing.

Tarah, on the other hand, wasn't really "outdoorsy", but she wanted to travel the world after high school. A year traveling through Australia and New Zealand really opened up Tarah and David’s horizons. The independence and flexibility of exploring in a hired van has never left them.

Tarah works as a creative director and David is a photographer. Tarah has previously worked for a big digital agency in Salzburg as photography & content team, while David worked fulltime as a freelance commercial photographer for over 7 years. Since spring 2021, they have their own creative agency, Aspire Studio, which focuses on creating outstanding visual content for outdoor and travel brands.