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Marion Haerty

Nomadic by Nature: Meet Pro Snowboarder Marion Haerty

Raised in the shadows of the French mountains, Marion is a world-class snowboarder with a long list of titles under her belt. Traveling the globe in a variety of vehicles, she relies on the TRT120E Ocean tent to keep her sheltered from the elements in even the most rugged environments.

What is it you do?

I’m a pro-snowboarder with four world titles under my belt.

What do you enjoy?

Sports, adventuring, and being on the go.

What does it mean to you to be a Dometic ambassador?

A lot! I’m thankful to have this kind of brand supporting my sport, and the lifestyle Dometic represents is in line with my own nomadic existence, which involves numerous trips throughout the year.

What inspired you to adopt a more mobile lifestyle?

I like the idea of being able to move freely, without the need to get dates fixed in months in advance. Being a nomad allows me to be flexible and follow the weather forecast.

What kind of vehicle do you have?

I’ve got various cars to choose from – it depends where I want to go!

What Dometic gear do you use, and how has it helped you?

I have my favorite rooftop tent – the TRT120E Ocean – which is super easy to set up. I also have a CFX3 45 fridge that allows me to take whatever I need food-wise along for the ride.

How do you prepare for a trip?

I like to have a duffel bag with my sports gear and another for daily clothes. I also make sure my GoPro and drone are charged and ready in case there’s something to film along the way.

What’s your favorite memory from your adventures?

It’s hard to choose. Probably a combination of all the beautiful landscapes I’ve seen along the way.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?

I never get bored!

What’s your favorite place you’ve been to on your travels?

Chile. The people are really kind, and you can surf and snowboard in the same day.

What’s your greatest goal in life?

To be a better athlete – but also a better human being.

What’s your life motto?

If you don’t try it, you’ll never know.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start a similar lifestyle?

Just follow your heart.

Marion Haerty
Marion Haerty
Marion Haerty
About Marion

Born in northern France, Marion moved with her family to Grenoble as a six-year-old. Four years later, her life changed forever – with the appearance of a snowboard-shaped parcel beneath the Christmas tree.

Now 30, Marion is a pro-snowboarder with four Freeride world titles – a feat unparalleled by any other rider. Located close to Chamonix, she’s passionate about mountaineering, which she’s been involved in since 2017, and the outdoors more generally.  

Outside of competing, Marion is involved in a number of film projects. Follow her on Instagram @marion_haerty.