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Dometic SeaWays Go

Hold position & heading, GPS anchor, EPSK1600

Dometic has applied the same smart algorithms to SeaStation as you have experienced with Optimus 360 joystick control to reduce unnecessary shifting and jockeying of the engines while providing superior position and heading functions for a large selection of engine platforms. When you are trying to locate that ideal spot over a reef or a wreck, SeaStation is ideal. Just hold your position and heading, drop your lines and see if you have success, if not, simply move to another location and engage SeaStation. No physical anchor required.

Not Available 9600029640 (EPSK1700)

Single or multi-engine Optimus EPS outboard vessels

Affordable point-and-go autopilot system

Save money with no need for additional pumps

Display heading information on compatible multifunctional displays

Holds magnetic heading only

Connects to CAN2 (private) or CAN3 (public)

Simple single-step calibration


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