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Dometic Hydraulic Cylinder Service Kit

Drive bracket kit for adjustable tie bar - twin engine, dual cylinder HA5520

The Tournament Drive Bracket kit is for use with our adjustable tie bars on standard SeaStar steering cylinders. This series of hardware kits allows the consumer to take full advantage of all the features and benefits of our heavy-duty adjustable tie bar products for twin engine applications up to 600 HP. Eliminates the need for cut-to-length traditional tie bars. Meets/exceeds all applicable standards.

Verkocht in ons 9600028612 (HS5300)

Compact bleeder wrench designed to reach cylinder bleeder fittings in tight spaces.

Heavy-duty end gland pin wrench is adaptable to fit 4-hole and 8-hole end glands.

Kit includes bleeder wrench, end gland wrench pin and instruction sheet.

Save money as you can now purchase the service kits without the older 2 pin wrenches.


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