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Luxury roller blinds for yachts

Rollerblind fabrics

Featuring a wide variety of fabric options, the versatile Rollerblind range is suitable for all applications and requirements. Choose between a complete blackout or softer, light filtering sheer, to create the ideal ambience and customise your environment.

Sheer fabrics

Sheer fabrics allow in maximum light, without compromising daytime privacy. Whilst you are free to choose from Dometics’s wide range of professional fabrics, Dometic Blinds’ experienced fabric buyers are on hand to source a fabric of your choice. We are equally comfortable working with fabrics sourced and supplied by you.

Privacy fabrics

Also commonly referred to as Dimout, Privacy fabrics allow in a restricted amount of light, whilst ensuring complete privacy, even in the evening.

Blackout fabrics

Blackout fabric completely blocks out sunlight for total privacy, room darkening, and temperature regulation.


Our specially selected roller fabrics have been tested for the marine environment. The thinner construction of these fabrics is perfectly suited to our Skyshade products.
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Discover Rollerblinds

From fixings to restraints, Dometic Oceanair Rollerblinds can be customised with a variety of options. This flexibility allows you to choose your desired finish, with a wide range of stylish fabrics. From complete blackout to softer, light filtering sheer, enjoy the freedom of choice to create your ideal ambience.
Dometic Oceanair Rollerblind
Roller blind for windows
Dometic Oceanair Windowshade
Zip tensioned roller blind for inclined windows and sun roofs

Skyview fabrics

Stylish and contemporary, the Skyview fabrics offer a unique hybrid Rollerblind and Venetian style blind combination. When deployed, the special fabric ensures privacy and heat protection, whilst the open tilt allows for perfect views and effective light control.


A collection of contract fabrics, ideal for cruise liners, hotels, commercial vessels and properties.


A selection of our most popular fabrics. Skyview offers pristine views when at open tilt, and complete privacy at closed tilt.


Contemporary 2.5” fabrics with a warm undertone, to bring a soft glow to the room. Our Room Darkening fabric offers an extra level of sun protection and privacy when at closed tilt.


Clean and crisp, the Cool selection of fabrics is ideally suited to modern interiors. Our Room Darkening fabric offers an extra level of sun protection and privacy when at closed tilt.

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Discover Skyview blinds

Skyview blinds are as practical as they are beautiful. Tilting horizontal vanes of soft polyester are suspended between two sheer fabric facings, ensuring light diffusion and privacy without spoiling the view.
Dometic Oceanair Skyview
Hybrid venetian and roller blind for windows


The Fabric Technical Specification Guide contains all the information you need to decide which material best suits your project. View fabric limitations and specifications, and important technical information.

Download Roller Fabric Specifications
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