Dometic BayStar Steering Kit with 20' Hose

BayStar Hydraulic Steering Kit, 20 ft Hose

The Dometic BayStar Hydraulic Steering system provides the comfort, safety and reliability of a hydraulic system for smaller outboards (up to 150 hp). This kit has everything you need to get set up. It includes the low friction Dometic BayStar Helm and the compact Dometic BayStar Cylinder, as well as hydraulic oil and cut-to-fit tubing.
nr art.: 9130000537

Economical control

Dometic Baystar Hydraulic Steering Kits are made for use in smaller outboards up to 150 HP. The compact form and affordable price make it an ideal upgrade for mechanically steered boats up to 150 total HP. Dometic Baystar Kits are for single-outboard powered boats, including runabouts and inflatables.
Economical control
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Dometic BayStar Steering Kit with 20' Hose
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    • Kit includes Dometic's BayStar Helm, BayStar Outboard Cylinder, 1 l of SeaStar Hydraulic Oil and 20 ft of cut-to-fit hydraulic tubing
    • Suitable for most single-outboard powered boats rated up to 150 hp including runabouts and inflatables
    • Comfort of hydraulic steering for less
    • Five turns lock-to-lock
    • Not recommended for use with high performance engines.


Numer SKU 9130000537 
Model BayStar Steering Kits 
Model na etykiecie BayStar Steering Kits 
Opis produktu BayStar Hydraulic Steering Kit, 20 ft Hose 
Wymiary produktu – głębokość 7.94 "
Waga netto 22.18 lbs
Min. temperatura robocza -18.00 °C
Maks. temperatura robocza 77.00 °C
8.00 "
Moc znamionowa 150.00 hp
1000.00 psi
Pojemność 1.40 in³
28.00 "
Kolor Black 
Dopuszczalny typ płynu SeaStar steering fluid 
0.63 "
Typ steru Front Mount 
Typ butli Outboard 
Długość węża 20.00 ′
Wymiary paczki – głębokość 28 "
Wymiary paczki – wysokość 1 1/4 "
Wymiary paczki – szerokość 7 1/2 "
Waga paczki 22.18 lbs