Dometic AT-DC
Chiller Air Handlers

With easy access for maintenance and dual high-velocity blowers, these strong, quiet units are perfect for height-restricted areas. Ensure your onboard comfort!
  • Whispercool blowers
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Insulated components
    Resists condensation
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Dometic AT-DC
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    • "Whispercool" blowers are extremely quiet yet powerful enough to over come high static pressure duct
    • Corrosion-resistant materials
    • Insulated condensate pan with anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam lining
    • Brushless DC internal blower motor
    • Reduced dripping condensation and standing water issues

Compact power ensures comfort

The Dometic AT36DCZ chilled water air handler is designed for use where very little depth is available. Showcasing a unique vertical layout, these air handlers have the coil low and the blower above. Featuring a slim profile, ATV-HV air handlers make previously unusable areas suitable for installation. With a depth of only 9.4 in. (240 mm), these units can be hidden inside empty compartments. ATV-HV air handlers have a poweful high-velocity blower with internal motor that keeps the overall unit depth to a minimum, resulting in easier installation and effective air distribution. ATV-HV air handlers are constructed with corrosion-resistant materials and have drain pans lined with an anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam. Exposed metal surfaces are insulated against secondary condensation. Options include a flow control valve that balances chilled water distribution throughout the system, and electric heat.


Número da SKU 9108551695 
Modelo Chillers Air Handlers AT DC 
Modelo na etiqueta AT36DCZ-FC-2X1.5KW-MU 8"MR 230 
Descrição do produto Chiller Air Handlers 
Peso líquido 28.69 kg
Tensão de entrada (CA) 230 V
Frequência de entrada 50/60 Hz
Proteção obrigatória mínima do circuito de CA 18.00 A
Proteção obrigatória máxima do circuito de CA 20.00 A
Refrigerante, tipo H2O 
Potência de refrigeração (ISO 5151) 36000 W
Consumo máximo de energia para refrigeração 3.90 A
Consumo máximo de energia para aquecimento 16.90 A
Dimensões - Profundidade do pacote 654.05 mm
Dimensões - Altura do pacote 759.46 mm
Dimensões - Largura do pacote 909.32 mm
Peso do pacote 35.38 kg