Dometic Oceanair Skysol Classic
Pleated blinds for windows of any shape or incline

Elegant yacht designs create a range of installation challenges, particularly with shaped forward windows. While they offer great views, angled windows often allow excess light and heat into the saloon – Dometic Skysol is the perfect solution. Skysol Classic can be neatly recessed into the aperture so that it is hidden when stowed. It also works at any angle and can be custom designed to fit any shape!
  • Insulating
    Cool or Warm
  • Power control
  • Low profile
    Head rail
Kontaktujte nás ohľadom individuálnej ponuky

The ultimate solution for shaped windows

Our Skysol range has been specifically developed for use with shaped windows. Our innovative hinge system allows us to design for the most complex of blind shapes, meaning every window can be covered, giving you a cool, shaded and private saloon for entertaining. Tailor-made solutions to improve the comfort and convenience on board your yacht!
The ultimate solution for shaped windows
Fabric choice

Choose from a variety of sheer, privacy or blackout fabrics

Effortless control

Our range of motor options ensures easy operation

Color options

Choice of beige, white or grey hardware colors to suit your interior

Any angle

Skysol blinds are beautifully tensioned so that they work at any angle

Perfect for shaped windows

The ideal solution for shaped windows

Custom design

Our engineering experts design each blind for the perfect fit every time

Dometic marine motorboat climate

Inspiring you to explore

Through decades of innovation and research, products from Dometic has been specifically developed to tackle life on water, so that you can spend your time focusing on what really matters. With luxurious design and flawless finish our goal is to create the perfect climate away from home - so you can keep on exploring.

Designed to meet the harsh marine environment

One of the biggest challanges facing boatbuilders is the harsh marine environment. When creating a luxury craft with a comfortable, low-maintanance, living area, that includes all of the necessities of modern life without compromising on space - builders and designers constatntly seek to overcome the obstacles like UV exposure, salt, water, limited installation access, privacy and extreme climatic conditions from arctic environment to tropical. All of our marine blinds are marinised, with thorough testing of the fabrics and components, ensuring that they withstand the harsh marine environment.

Designed to meet the harsh marine environment

The versatile blind for any application

Ideal for shaped and inclined yacht windows, Skysol Classic pleated blinds are custom designed for a seamless fit. Whatever your needs – from gentle light to complete blackout, warm comfort to cool shade, discrete shading to total privacy – pleated blinds can be designed to create a range of moods. With a tailored style, the UV resistant and marine-ready pleated blinds have been engineered to reduce maintenance bills by keeping excessive heat out in warmer climates, and retaining warmth in colder environments.


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Pleated blinds for windows of any shape or incline