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Jan Hrdlicka

The Fishing Huntsman

Hailing from Germany, Jan Hrdlicka is a seasoned traveler and fisherman who lives his life on the go. That wasn’t always the case; before he started his life of adventure Jan was an avid gamer who rarely saw the world beyond his couch and truly disliked being outside. Then one day he decided that he wanted more out of life and discovered the beauty and freedom of the great outdoors by hiking through the Alps on the weekends. Since then, Jan has been on the move, seeing the world, and never saying no to adventure. 

When he moved away from the Alps, Jan took up fishing as his hometown sport which sparked a lifelong love for angling. That passion has taken him on countless trips all over the world in search of the next big catch. However, fishing isn’t his only hobby and Jan has a long bucket list of places he still wants to see and experience. 

Hrdlicka recently took two big excursions through Northern Europe and then through Russia, each over 9000 kilometers long. For this kind of adventure, he needed something a bit more substantial than his normal fishing coolers that he usually takes on every fishing or hunting adventure. This time, he opted for a powered refrigerator cooler that could keep food and supplies at the perfect temperature so he could experience the trip without having to worry. The Dometic CFX3 55 IM was the perfect choice for his needs. Designed to be portable but robust, rugged and dependable, the CFX3 gives users the power to be present no matter where they roam. The CFX3 55 IM also has a built-in ice maker so that cold drinks are on demand even in the most remote locations. 

Jan pairs his CFX3 with the Dometic PLB40, a compact but powerful power supply that recharges as the vehicle drives. With this power supply, the CFX3 is always running and food for the trip will stay cold and fresh. At the same time, the PLB 40 can also charge devices and run appliances needed for cooking, work, and travel. Jan recalls that his CFX3 took a beating on his latest travels, falling out of the car and taking lots of hits along the way. The tough exterior keeps the refrigerator cooler running strong in any weather or situation.

With Dometic, Jan has discovered better ways to travel that reduce stress and make it easier to be prepared for anything.

Traveling with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for several days without compromising healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals helps Jan stay prepared and energized for the day of exploring ahead of him. Knowing that the trip doesn’t need to be interrupted to look for places to restock food, buy ice, or stop to charge up the batteries means less stress and more time spent enjoying the new and beautiful sites all around him. Dometic gives him the freedom to be present in the moment more often.

Jan’s advice for people considering a more adventurous lifestyle: do it! Sometimes things don’t go as they should and there can be great challenges when traveling, but overcoming those challenges is rewarding and fun. Hrdlicka has many new adventures ahead of him and his only regret is not starting sooner! 

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