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Dometic PLB40 Battery Pack charging a phone after climbing

PLB40 Batteri Kampanj

Ladda ditt nästa outdoor äventyr med vårt bärbara batteri

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Dometic PLB40 Lithium Batteri 40Ah

Dometic PLB40

Bärbart litiumbatteri, 40 Ah

Köp nu för 6 499 kr* (ord. pris 9 399 kr)

*Begränsat erbjudande. Gäller till lördag 31 december kl 23:59 2022 eller så långt lagret räcker.

"The portable PLB40 lithium battery gave me plenty of power on my last trip and I was able to charge all my electronic devices. The battery provides enough power for my camera, laptop and smartphone for several days without any problems and you don’t have to worry about running out of power. It’s super easy to use and handy to take anywhere. I would not want to miss it anymore.”

Line Sauberlich @linesauberlich

Photo: Line Sauberlich
Photo: Line Sauberlich