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In a world increasingly scarred by climate change, the call for action is louder than ever. This call isn’t just for change – it's for a new way of adventuring. This is the key message behind ‘A New Way’, a mini documentary produced by Dometic and filmmaker Kitale Wilson. In partnership with Project Zero, a global expedition exploring some of the planet’s most vulnerable and remote areas, the documentary uncovers the true effects of climate change. 

Project Zero, led by father-son duo Geoff and Kitale Wilson, will be completed in seven legs over two years, spanning from Antarctica to the Arctic. Throughout the journey, the expedition team will witness the profound impact of climate change, engaging with top scientists, advocates, and initiatives dedicated to preserving our planet. 


Project Zero man in dark snow landscape
Project Zero man on a boat


Project Zero



Project Zero is a two-year expedition spanning seven legs, traversing some of the world’s most isolated and vulnerable places to uncover the truths about climate change and inspire a new perspective on sustainability. The journey is led by the father-son duo, Geoff and Kitale Wilson.
Project Zero’s voyage is groundbreaking. Never before has a vessel of its size embarked on such a gruelling course through both the Antarctic and Arctic regions while maintaining a completely carbon-neutral approach. This makes it a pioneering endeavour in environmental exploration.  
Throughout this net-zero journey, Geoff and Kitale are documenting the visible impacts of global warming on some of the world’s most remote and fragile landscapes. The project aims to bridge generational gaps, as the father imparts his extensive experience in polar exploration, and the son seeks new perspectives amidst the growing challenges of a warming world.


Boat breaking through ice
Ice landscape


Our partnership with Project Zero and the creation of ‘A New Way’ reflects our commitment to joining Geoff and Kitale on their mission to create global awareness and instigate change to protect our planet for future generations. 
Awareness fosters care, and care inspires action and change – the kind that can reshape our world for the better. ‘A New Way’ aims to educate and inspire a new era of sustainable exploration, where the ethos of “leave only footprints, take only photographs, and generate no carbon” is central to how we explore. Reducing carbon footprints involves more than just cutting emissions; it’s about making trips more sustainable and conscious by considering factors such as destinations, packing, and travel methods.  

"With a deep respect for the natural world and a commitment to sustainability, every aspect of this odyssey – from logistical details to broader strategic decisions – is shaped by our determination to achieve carbon neutrality. Project Zero not only explores the world, but does so in a manner that respects and preserves its majesty for future generations. In a warming world, we hope this statement encourages others to hold themselves accountable for the footprints they leave behind,” says Geoff Wilson. 


Porject zero a map
Project Zero team


Kitale emphasizes the importance of maintaining hope for our planet, drawing inspiration from scientific breakthroughs, technological advancements, and remarkable projects globally. These developments fuel his optimism for sustainability and inspire him to believe in a brighter future. “It really is a balancing act. You can’t explore a new way of doing things and adventuring in a modern era without considering the impact on these environments. This requires bringing that consideration into your preparation phase and looking into a new way of preparing,” he says. 

Dometic has installed and supplied equipment like mobile cooling, cooking gear, and mobile power solutions for use aboard NANØØK X, the sailing yacht transporting the duo, to support the team in preparing for the journey. By harnessing solar energy, Dometic mobile power solutions will enable the use of renewable energy during the expedition. These products have transformed the yacht into a sustainable exploratory vessel, ready to withstand the long, wild, open ocean voyage over the next two years supported by cutting-edge products designed for environmentally conscious explorers.
We look forward to continuing to support the journey and the message as Project Zero embarks on their net-zero journey across the globe. 

Read more about the Project Zero Expedition here.

The Journey 

2023: Australia --> Southern Ocean 
2023: Patagonia 
2023: Antartica 
2024: Transfer North  
2024: Iceland 
2024: Svalbard 


Geoff Wilson Quote


Get to know Geoff & Kitale

About the team

Project Zero: Geoff Wilson

About Geoff Wilson

Geoff Wilson is a polar explorer with an impressive list of achievements, including 'The Longest Unsupported Polar Journey in Human History,’ ‘The First Unsupported Summit of Dome Argus, Antarctica,' and 'The Fastest Unsupported Crossing of Greenland South to North'. As a veterinary surgeon, Geoff brings a scientific approach to the project, coupled with an acute understanding of the ecological impact of global warming gained from his personal experiences in the harshest Arctic zones. This background gives him the wisdom needed for survival in these often unforgiving landscapes. 


“In an era where climate change could potentially be the greatest threat facing humanity, Project Zero seeks to create pathways for open dialogue and examine solutions to this crisis.” 

Geoff Wilson


Read more Geoff Wilson: World-Class Polar Explorer


 Project Zero: Kitale Wilson

About Kitale Wilson

Kitale Wilson spent his early years on family adventures in some of the wildest locations in Indonesia, Africa, and Alaska. Recently nominated for ‘Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year,’ Kitale has a passion and artistic skill for capturing stories through photography, film, and writing that inspire thought and action. He deeply respects his father’s extensive experience in the wild and is dedicated to learning all he can from him. 


“As much as this is a project about climate change, at its core, it’s a story about love. It’s about humanity’s love for wild places and all they provide us, and a vision to see these cherished places sustained for future generations.”

Kitale Wilson


Nanook X is an upcycled steel hulled sailing yacht


Nanook X is an upcycled steel hulled sailing yacht (aka 'Sailing Basecamp') boasting a gamut of equipment essential for voyaging deep into the arctic circle. She will serve as the primary transport craft for the adventure, relying on the powerful southern winds for propulsion. As opposed to a new build, the team have elected to upcycle a neglected 22-year-old steel vessel. The steel was fabricated in Fremantle 23 years ago.


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