Dometic PW-ADAPT

Wall awning adapter for Laika Rexosline, 3 pcs

This Dometic adapter ensures your awning fits to your RV wall perfectly, everytime.
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Dometic PW-ADAPT
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    • Tailor-made for Laika Rexosline
    • Made for PW 1100, PW 1500 and PW 3800 wall awnings
    • Consists of three parts

Dometic adapters ensure a perfect fit everytime

Dometic Awning Adapters are equally as robust as the awnings, we have a wide range of adapters suitable for your vehicle. If you don’t find an adapter exactly matching your vehicle type, contact Dometic or your local Dometic dealer and be sure we will find a solution to meet your requirements.


SKU-nummer 9103103858 
Modell på etiketten PW Mounting Kit LAIKA REXOSLINE 
Leveransomfattning Awning adapter with leaflet in cardboard box 
Produktbeskrivning Wall awning adapter for Laika Rexosline, 3 pcs 
Produktens djupmått 130 mm
Produktens höjdmått 146 mm
Produktens breddmått 160 mm
Nettovikt 2.50 kg
EAN-13 5420077038587 
Paketets djupmått 150 mm
Paketets höjdmått 180 mm
Paketets breddmått 260 mm
Paketvikt 3 kg

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