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Dometic Optimus Adaptive Trim Tab System

Kit: 2.25" stroke, 10" digital actuators and controller, 9"X12" standard tabs

Improve your safety and comfort on the water with the Optimus Joystick and Electronic Power Steering system. Providing position feedback and complete integration with the on board shift and throttle, you can quickly and efficiently get the boat on plane for an optimum ride. Automatic features and an intuitive dial controller with one-touch buttons make the system easy to use. While the robust, all electric design ensures reliability in a harsh marine environment.

Not Available OnlineArt nr: 9610002828 (TT5131)

All-electric design with high load actuator reduces complexity and increases reliability

Intuitive dial controller with one-touch buttons

Hole shot mode efficiently gets the boat on plane

Smart integration with shift & throttle, joystick, and Optimus steering

Longer lasting marine-grade stainless steel 316 hardware

Tabs and 0.25" hinges use heavy duty stainless steel to ensure robust performance, available with high quality electro-polish finish

Auto-retract ensures safety when going into reverse and joystick mode

Dometic Optimus Adaptive Trim Tab System - Installation Manual AMER(en)

Installation Manual


Optimus Adaptive Trim Tab 2021

Product Leaflet


Dometic Optimus Adaptive Trim Tab System - Operating Manual AMER(en)

Operating Manual


WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

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