Dometic TMA100

Multifunctional Rooftop Tent Awning

See more of the great outdoors with the Dometic TMA100 multifunctional 4WD awning, the perfect partner for your Dometic rooftop tent. Offering true flexibility at the campsite, the TMA100 can be set up as either an awning or a privacy room in a matter of minutes. Its durable, water-resistant and UV-resistant construction ensures you're well protected.

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Product Highlights

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Can be used as either an awning or privacy room

Easy access
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Easy access

Adjustable pole made from strong yet lightweight aluminum

UV-resistant fabric
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UV-resistant fabric

UPF50+ protects against the sun

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Folds down to a compact size for storage and transport

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Tie down points keep the awning firmly in place

Can be set up in a matter of minutes

Functions as both an awning and privacy room

Lightweight at only 4.6 kg

Strong adjustable poles made from aluminum

Water-resistant and UPF50+ material

Suitable for use with Dometic rooftop tents

Dometic TRT120, TRT140, TCA100, TMA100 - Operating Manual APAC(en)

Operating Manual

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