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On the road with the Dometic CFX

Expedition Rowe

Mary Hannah Hardcastle and Andy Ellis, of Expedition Rove, have been on the road since 2018. They’ve been through 23 countries, across 3 continents and been supported along the way by their “game changing” Dometic CFX3 55 IM and CFX50 powered coolers.

Expedition Rowe - Winter Cocktails
Expedition Rowe - Winter Cocktails
Expedition Rowe - Winter Cocktails
What do you enjoy doing?

We love anything that gets us outdoors and further into the wild. That is why we love owning and travelling in a Land Rover. It allows us to get that much further "out there", away from the crowds, and really enjoy that simple silence of being surrounded by nature.

What kind of vehicle do you have? And what is its name?

We have a 2010 bright orange Land Rover Defender, named Tango, and a 2005 Land Rover LR3/Discovery 3 that we took down the Pan-American, which is now parked up waiting for more US-based adventures back in my hometown in Texas.

What Dometic gear do you have? And how has it helped you?

In Tango, we have a Dometic CFX3 55 IM powered cooler, including the Dometic water bottles and cups, and in our Discovery 3 we have a CFX50.

The biggest game changer for us was upgrading from a cooler to a Dometic CFX fridge back in 2018. It completely transformed the way we ate and cooked on the road, which is such a massive part of feeling like you really are "home" wherever you are. Not to mention, no longer having to look for ice every few days!

What does it mean to you to be a Dometic Ambassador?

For us, being an Dometic Ambassador means the freedom to go further, be present, and enjoy the great outdoors, with the comforts of home wherever we go.

Expedition Rowe - Scotland
Expedition Rowe - Scotland
Expedition Rowe - Scotland
If you could only pack the 3 most essential things to take with you on a trip, what would this be?
  • A Dometic CFX3 55 powered cooler
  • Fresh food
  • Ice cold beers

What is your favorite place you’ve been on your travels?

This is a tough one but Panama and the Scottish Highlands both hold a special place in our hearts.

What is your go-to song(s)/musician for road trips?

Our music selection is all over the map, but Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys seem to always top the charts no matter what trip we're on.

Our favorite thing to do is a pick a good playlist and hit shuffle. If you're in need some road-trip music inspiration, we made some playlists on Spotify last year with some of our favorite tunes: Expedition Rove playlists

Mary and Andy

About Mary and Andy

Mary Hannah is from Houston, Texas. And Andy's from Yorkshire, England.

Andy is, first and foremost, a British Paratrooper at heart. After leaving the military, he joined Mary Hannah in California where he started a role as a Land Rover Technician, a role that's played a vital part in our travels so far.

Mary Hannah worked in the marketing/advertising world for media and magazine brands spanning the travel, outdoor and motorcycle industries.

They met in 2015 and their first "date" was a road trip up to the Smokey Mountains together. And they haven't stopped road tripping since!