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Gear up for unforgettable outdoor experiences with Dometic's range of premium coolers. Whether you're embarking on a short day trip or an extended camping adventure, our reliable coolers are an essential companion. Discover the perfect cooling solution tailored to your needs. From electric coolers in various options such as thermoelectric, compressor, and absorption, to ice chests with exceptional insulation, we have it all. Choose from a range of sizes to accommodate your specific requirements. Tailor your cooler with our extensive selection of add-ons, ensuring your outdoor excursions are more comfortable than ever.

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    Electric coolers

    Explore Dometic's electric coolers, designed to meet your outdoor needs. With options in thermoelectric, compressor, and absorption technologies, there's a cooler to match your preferences and needs.

    Our coolers comes in various sizes, so you can find space for all your food and beverages. Don't miss out on the practical features of our electrical coolers, and find a reliable partner for your outdoor trips in our online store.

    Ice Chests

    Experience unmatched cooling efficiency with Dometic's ice chests. Our non-powered coolers are equipped with highly effective insulation, ensuring long-lasting cooling capabilities without the need for electricity. Explore our range of ice chests designed to provide superior insulation properties, keeping your food and drinks cold for extended periods. Whether you're planning a picnic or an outdoor camping adventure, our ice chests deliver exceptional performance in various sizes. Discover the durable construction, innovative designs, and exceptional insulation of our ice chests, guaranteeing optimal cooling for your outdoor escapades.

    Small, Medium, or Large Coolers

    No matter the size of your outdoor adventure, Dometic offers a range of coolers to meet your needs. Choose from our selection of small, medium, or large coolers, ensuring you have the perfect size for your specific requirements.

    Our small coolers are compact and portable, ideal for day trips and solo adventures. The Dometic Patrol 20 is the perfect coolbox if you're looking for a smaller cooler, and comes in a variety of colours.

    The medium coolers strike the perfect balance between capacity and portability, suitable for weekend getaways. Browse between our selection of coolers in sizes 34L to 44L.

    If you require maximum storage capacity for extended trips or larger groups, our large coolers are designed to meet your needs. The Dometic Patrol 55 is our largest cooler, containing up to 54L, and available in several refreshing colours.

    Select the ideal cooler size and embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence, knowing that Dometic has your cooling needs covered.