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Sebastian Canaves

On a mission to explore the world

With over 100 countries under his belt, Sebastian Canaves is truly on a mission to explore the world. The overlander spends his days adventuring in his Jeep and running Germany’s largest online outdoor travel and adventure website,  

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Growing up on the island of Mallorca, Sebastian spent his first fourteen years hiking, swimming, and sailing. Falling in love with nature and the thrill of the outdoors was built in to his childhood. His family uprooted and moved to Germany when he was a teenager. After he graduated from high school, he left for Brisbane, Australia to start his career. Since then, he has lived in ten countries and speaks five languages fluently, and is always on the move.

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His first taste of mobile living was in Western Australia where he spent six weeks in a tiny campervan with the bare minimum of supplies and utilities. These humble beginnings were a stark contrast to today, as Sebastian has fitted his Jeep Wrangler into the perfect traveling camper mobile with all the things he needs to stay dry, warm, and happy no matter where he roams.  

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When building out his Jeep Wrangler, Sebastian made sure to design it to fit his Dometic CFX3 35 Powered Cooler. The state of the art refrigerator / freezer keeps a constant temperature even in the harshest climates and has a rugged exterior built to keep up with the journey and take a beating along the way. With the CFX3, Sebastian and his travel companions can ensure that they will be well fed on remote adventures and healthy meals can last as long as would in a full sized home refrigerator or freezer. Healthy meals, even on the road, without ever needing to stop for ice or to worry about food spoiling or floating in water is a true game changer for Sebastian.  

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The CFX3 can last a whole weekend off the grid when paired with the Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery. This compact but powerful battery can recharge along the way via the vehicle, power the CFX3 constantly, along with any of the modern electronics Sebastian and his crew may need and kitchen appliances that would otherwise feel like an impossible luxury.

Recently, Sebastian took Dometic to one of his favorite places on the banks of the Isar River for a cookout. The tranquil camping spot is ideal for a relaxing evening of good food without any compromises. “We love the proximity to the river and nature and love sitting by a fire to enjoy a good meal,” Sebastion said. “The CFX3 and PLB40 were perfect as we were able to move our kitchen right to the river and the fire. We barbecued salmon on wood planks with some potatoes in herbs. It was very delicious!” Not having to worry about spoiling food, melting ice, limited space, or running out of energy gives Sebastian and his crew the power to be present in every moment.

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To those considering car camping for themselves, Sebastian says: “Do it! You’ll get to know yourself and the world better and end up seeing beautiful places you didn’t have on your mind!” The overlanding lifestyle is a constant education. Sebastian has learned that things rarely go as planned on a trip and that part of the adventure is being prepared for everything with the right gear and the right attitude.  

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Along his many travels, Sebastian has swam with sharks in Australia, bungee jumped backwards in Scotland, and canoed in Sweden, along with many other feats. Despite his extensive travel, his bucket list is impossibly long. Most recently, he took to the South African bush on horseback. Some day, he hopes to make it to Alaska. Right now, Sebastian doesn’t see an end to his overlanding adventures, he plans to keep going, to inspire others, and to expect the unexpected every day. 

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