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Dometic CoolMatic CRX 65D

Pull-out fridge and freezer, 12 V and 24 V DC

This elegant drawer fridge gives you convenient slide-out access to your provisions. The patented freezer compartment can easily be detached to make more room for fresh or frozen goods. Electronic compressor and fan speed control ensures quiet operation and economical power consumption. Supplied with silver-grey front panel.

Art nr: 9105306540

DoC CRX DC 001

Declarations of Conformity


Dometic CRX1065D, CRX0065D - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA16

Installation and Operating Manual

Drawer fridge & freezer

Drawer fridge & freezer

For smaller vehicles and panel vans, Dometic provides smart refrigeration solutions that fit into every niche on board: pull-out cooler/freezer combos that excel with practical features, cool convenience and elegant design. The latest addition to this product range is the Dometic CRX 65D / 65 DS. Well thought-out details and energy-saving compressor technology make the smart space-saver an indispensable companion on the move. The new drawer fridge offers a very convenient way to keep track of the food and beverage provisions on board. Ready for connection to 12 and 24 volt systems, the fridge is extremely energy-saving and safe to use, too.

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