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Dometic Optimus EPS Cylinder

Inboard smart cylinder, EC5810

With its dual independent, non-contact sensors and renowned Dometic SeaStar cylinder design, Dometic's Optimus EPS Inboard Smart Cylinder adds system reliability and enables smooth navigation on the water.

Art nr: 9600049523 (EC5810-CL)

Renowned, industry-leading Dometic SeaStar cylinder design

Integrated rudder feedback unit

Adjustable stainless steel ORB fittings

Dual independent non-contact sensors

No additional rudder feedback unit required for autopilot system

Allows for easy orientation in any direction

Optimus EPS 5000 - RINA

Product Leaflet


Dometic Optimus EPS - Installation Manual Amer(EN)

Installation Manual


WarningCancer or Reproductive Harm

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