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Dometic GO Soft Insert 10L

Leakproof Insulated Insert, 10L

Dometic’s Insulated Insert transforms your Portable Gear Storage into a dependable mini-cooler to keep your drinks and food cold all day. Slide it into your PAC10 Portable Gear Storage for convenient chilling when you’re on the road.

Art nr: 9600050793

Product Highlights

Instant Cool Box in 3-2-1
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Instant Cool Box in 3-2-1

Slide in insert into Portable Gear Storage to create a portable cool box

Holds Drinks and Food
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Holds Drinks and Food

Can hold 6 12-ounce cans with ice (10L); 18 cans with ice (20L)

Leak-proof Design
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Leak-proof Design

Welded, anti-leak design constructed from food-grade materials

Converts your Portable Gear Storage into a cooler in seconds

Keeps food cold all weekend long

Capacity: 6 12-ounce cans with ice (10L); 18 cans with ice (20L)

Welded, leakproof construction from food-grade materials

Part of the Dometic Go collection

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PAC-IN10 Slate

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Leakproof Insulated Insert, 10L

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Your Cool Box on the Go

Your Cool Box on the Go

Craving for an ice-cold beverage when you’re on the road but didn’t bring a cool box? Slide Dometic’s Insulated Insert into your Portable Gear Storage, and you have an instant mini-cool box. Our Insulated Insert will keep your food and drink chilled for hours. Don’t need to keep your items chilled? Leave the insert in for convenience, and it’ll be ready for you, when you’re ready to load it up with your favourite beverages.

The Dometic Go Collection

The Dometic Go Collection

Dometic GO includes everything you need to get outside: Mobile Cooling - electric cool boxes and ice chests, the versatile Table that adjusts to three different heights, comfortable and communal seating with the Compact Camp Chair and the Compact Camp Bench, and Hard Storage and soft Portable Gear Storage that makes it simple to bring along all of your essential gear. The Insulated Insert also turns your Portable Gear Storage into a soft-sided cool box in seconds and the Hydration Water Tap and Hydration Water Jug let you store and dispense the water you need without wasting a drop. The Blanket will be your go-to for ground cover and chilly campfire nights; end the day with the warmth of your Personal Camp Heater and you’ll never leave home without Dometic GO.

Effortless Outdoors

Effortless Outdoors

Dometic GO is designed with outdoor adventures in mind. Every product in our collection helps equip you to get out there faster, stay out there more comfortably, and embrace the outdoors with family and friends. Dometic GO makes the outdoors effortless with lightweight, resilient gear that fits into the back of your car to get you on the road to your next adventure. Get going, and get exploring, with Dometic GO.

Instant Versatility

Instant Versatility

Keep your stuff organised and insulated with our Portable Soft Storage and Insulated Insert. Available in 20L or 10L sizes, it gives you plenty of storage volume for a relatively small footprint, with enough room to see everything you have stowed. Sacrifice little space for the additional benefit of having an instant mini-cool box on the go.

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