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Off-road essentials

Gear every 4x4 overlander needs

The power to be present

Keeping your energy consumption to a minimum can be the key to off-road freedom. Dometic’s compressor powered cool boxes are the most energy efficient in the world consuming less power than per hour than an average household light bulb. This makes them suitable to power with solar or a portable battery so you can enjoy food you love off-the-grid the whole trip.

Built for the outdoors

The Dometic CFX3’s rugged construction features a reinforced ExoFrame, stainless steel hinges and aluminum handles. Tested in the extreme heat of the Australian desert, it’s designed to perform in harsh environments. With soft touch controls, an intuitive high-resolution display and even a mobile app to download – the CFX3 couldn’t be easier to control.

Never miss a sunrise

Escape into nature and set up camp wherever your heart desires. By going back to basics without losing the comfort gives you the opportunity to live in the moment, free from distractions, where you can appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Wake up to a new view every day or choose to stay longer in your dream location. With Dometic tents you’ll feel at home in the outdoors, sleeping comfortably under the stars. This way your guaranteed to never miss a sunrise.

Wake up in the wild

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Adventures begin where paved roads end

Here are the stories of our ambassadors who are veering off the beaten path and into the wild seeking adventure.

Stay plugged in

Do you dream of working in nature with the world as your office or simply having a secluded movie night under the stars? Take the convenience and connectivity of modern electronics with you. With Dometic’s range of chargers and inverters, you can enjoy the perks of home such as powering your laptop and charging your smartphone even in the most remote locations.

Power your adventure

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A little home comfort

What puts many people off the idea of overlanding and wild camping is: “What do I do when I have to go to the loo?’ For those who love the outdoors but require a certain level of comfort—a portable and convenient lightweight toilet that’s compact enough to fit in your 4X4 and/or tent may be the answer.