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Woman opening Dometic CFX3 cooler from trunk of car

CFX3 Series

The ultimate powered cool boxes

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Meet the award winning CFX3 series of powered cool boxes

Discover the pinnacle of portable refrigeration with the Dometic CFX3 series. Tailor-made for outdoor adventures, whether you're camping, enjoying vanlife, or experiencing a day at the seaside, the CFX3 is the ultimate partner in preserving the freshness and coolness of your food and drinks.

Featuring cutting-edge compressor technology and top-notch insulation, the CFX3 cool boxes uphold a steadfast and accurate temperature, no matter the surrounding environment. Effortlessly manage and oversee the cooler's settings through the user-friendly display or conveniently control it via the Dometic app on your smartphone.

"The Dometic CFX3 is built to excel in remote outdoor environments. While most comparable models are constructed from plastic, the CFX3 has reinforcing fender frames making it extremely resistant to wear and tear. Capable of handling inclines up to 30 degrees, the CFX3 is a great choice for serious off-roaders"

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Dometic CFX3 icar inside trunk  in car in Baja California
Photo: Drew Martin

    From 25 to 99L capacity

    A cooler for every adventure

    "The Dometic CFX3 45 is a seriously impressive powered cooler that's convenient to use, rugged enough for just about every adventure, and designed to keep things cool and fresh under nearly any circumstance".


    Marion Haerty and Dometic CFX3 Cooler
    Marion Hearty

    "The CFX3 is your best friend for all adventures. Everything is fresh when you're back at your car ready to cook dinner"

    Colton Jacobs using Dometci CFX3 cooler on a camping trip
    Colton Jacobs

      From compact to spacious: Electric coolers for all of your needs

      The CFX3 series presents a variety of models tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a compact cooler for short journeys or a larger one for extended expeditions, we have the ideal solution for you. The CFX3 coolers are also equipped with convenient features including removable baskets, interior lighting, and USB ports for charging your devices.

      The Dometic CFX3 range encompasses a comprehensive selection of products, ranging from compact electric coolers to larger options meant for extended times away, and everything in between. We cater to a wide spectrum of cooler sizes, ranging from 25 to 99 liters.

      In addition to our standard electric coolers, we proudly offer unique options such as the CFX3 75DZ and 95DZ with dual zones, enabling you to maintain different temperatures in separate sections of your cooler. The CFX3 55IM stands as our exclusive product capable of producing ice cubes within a matter of hours, without affecting the temperature of the remaining contents in the cooler.

      The CFX3 - Your partner in adventure

      The Dometic CFX3 series has been expertly crafted to excel across a wide array of applications, establishing itself as the ultimate companion for diverse experiences outdoors. Whether you're embarking on a camping trip, heading to the beach, or engaging in any other outdoor activity, the CFX3 is engineered to meet your refrigeration needs wherever your adventures take you.

      Camping: Embrace the convenience of a portable fridge/freezer that keeps your food fresh and your beverages delightfully chilled throughout your camping endeavors. Bid farewell to soggy snacks and the hassle of constantly replenishing ice.

      Boating: Whether you're sailing on a luxurious yacht or cruising in a trusty fishing boat, the CFX3 is an unwavering choice for preserving the freshness of your prized catch and ensuring your drinks remain refreshingly cool. Its durable construction and ability to withstand marine conditions establish it as a trusted companion on the water.

      Adventures: From thrilling off-road expeditions to invigorating hikes and explorations of remote locations, the CFX3 is meticulously designed to thrive in rugged environments. Its resilient performance and capacity to maintain desired temperatures even in extreme conditions render it an ideal choice for adventurous souls.

      Discover the unparalleled versatility and unwavering reliability offered by the Dometic CFX3 series. Wherever your outdoor pursuits lead you, rest assured that the CFX3 is primed and ready to deliver optimal cooling performance, elevating your outdoor experiences to new heights.

      What makes the CFX3 the ultimate powered cool box?

      The CFX3 is more than just an ordinary powered cooler. All versions, large and small, are sophisticated and powerful refrigerators and freezers that are designed to give you the ultimate cooling experience. With advanced compressor technology and intelligent electronics, the CFX3 provides superior performance and reliability in any environment.

      The CFX3 cool boxes are equipped with innovative functions that make it easy to use and adapt to your needs. You can easily control the temperature and monitor the status of your supplies with a smartphone app, and have full control over the cooler's settings, wherever you are.

      Exceptional durability and efficiency

      Crafted with portability as a top priority, the CFX3 series is engineered to be resilient, durable, and capable of enduring the demands of the outdoors. Each powered cooler boasts a range of convenient features, including robust handles, detachable baskets, and advanced control systems, guaranteeing effortless operation and convenient access to your supplies.

      Immerse yourself in the liberating experience of a genuinely mobile refrigeration solution with the Dometic CFX3 series. Whether it's keeping your beverages cool at the campsite or safeguarding perishable food during lengthy journeys, the CFX3 stands as the ultimate companion for your outdoor lifestyle.