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Dometic FreshJet 3000

Quiet and efficient roof air conditioner for RV's

Every morning is the start of a new adventure

Nothing beats jumping behind the wheel and getting away for a few days. Waking up with a new view. Reconnecting with nature. Enjoying the freedom to go wherever you want and stay as long as you like. Your FreshJet 3000 roof air conditioner gives you a comfortable place to rest and relax after an active day – pleasantly cool in the summer heat, or cosily warm when it’s chilly out.

Comfortable Climate

The FreshJet 3000 is our latest innovation in air conditioning and has been specially designed for larger motorhomes and caravans 7 m long or longer. Our engineers have struck a balance between utilising a lightweight, compact design and having an impressive heating and cooling performance. The FreshJet 3000 comes featured with superbright LED lights and a speed-regulated, dual-cylinder inverter for superbly quiet and highly efficient operation.

Amazingly quiet and energy-saving

“Compared to conventional A/C compressors, the inverter compressor of the FreshJet 3000 is amazingly quiet and energy-efficient. Controlled by smart electronics, it does not have the typical ON/OFF cycles, which cause noise and consume extra energy. When the preset cooling temperature has been reached, the inverter compressor keeps running quietly at a low speed to keep the temperature on a constant level.”

Oliver Loer, Product Manager, Climate Control

Go your own way. Smart Dometic accessories allow you to upgrade your Dometic FreshJet to suit your individual idea of perfect climate control. You can install a DC kit to be able to use your air conditioner during the journey as well, or add a powerful Diesel generator for operation in remote places where mains power is unavailable.

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Dual-cylinder inverter compressor

The Dometic FreshJet 3000 features an innovative dualcylinder inverter compressor. Its patented design minimises vibration and provides improved performance over conventional compressors. It’s this kind of smart design that puts the FreshJet 3000 in a league of its own and allows RV goers to enjoy cool and fresh air at the touch of a button.

Buyers Guide

The refreshing cool of an air conditioner can be the key to your onboard comfort. This buying guide explains the different features and benefits of our models, helping you choose the ideal unit for your vehicle.

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Our comprehensive range of air conditioning units includes a perfect match for every size of vehicle, for all comfort requirements and for all installation conditions. If the under-bench storage space in your camper is still free, our FreshWell 3000 can be a smart solution. If you don’t want to sacrifice the roof light, opt for our FreshLight 2200 model to get the best of both worlds – efficient air conditioning and daylight from above.

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