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Dometic SMP 301-07

Combined battery charger and power supply for 12 V devices

The SMP 301-07 supplies lights and other comfort devices with 12 V DC power to recharge batteries. The integrated mains priority circuit gives priority to 230 V mains power as soon as it is available. The battery charger is suitable for all types of lead batteries: lead-acid, gel, AGM.

Art nr: 9106506667

Supplies 12 V DC lights and other gadgets with power from mains or battery

Battery charger function for all types of lead batteries up to 300 Ah

Silent operation without fan

Compact and lightweight design

LED indicators keep you informed about charging status

Mains priority circuit for best power source available

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Combined battery charger and power supply for 12 V devices

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Dometic SMP301-01, SMP301-02, SMP301-03, SMP301-04, SMP301-05, SMP301-07, SMP301-10 - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA(en-de-fr-es-it-nl-no)

Installation and Operating Manual


DoC Power supply - 2010100000

Declarations of Conformity

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