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Dometic Büttner MT SM65TL

Foldable solar panel, 65 W

This foldable 65-watt solar panel makes it very flexible to use. Simply position it where the sun is currently providing the most energy! On the roof of the vehicle or on the side, in a sunny spot on the lawn, or even on a tree. Built-in magnets and eyelets, as wel as a 10-metre connection cable offer plenty of scope for choosing the perfect location.

Art nr: 9620000186

Dometic Büttner MT SM 65 TL, MT SM 120 TL - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

Two separate solar fields

Two separate solar fields

Our two TRAVEL LINE models MT SM120TL and MT SM65TL have something that most solar folding modules on the market do not have. The special feature is that the two solar fields operate independently of each other. This separate circuit ensures an optimal energy supply. If one side of the module is in shadow, the other continues to operate at full power.

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