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Dometic CH4000

Combo heater for cabin air and hot water, 4000 W, LPG

This powerful combo heater can independently heat air and water. Allowing you to enjoy the warm and comfortable temperatures inside your motorhome, as well as sufficient hot water for several showers in a row. Another benefit is the independent cabin vent function, which creates a pleasant indoor climate and helps prevent mould build-up in critical “cold spots”.

Art nr: 9600027326

Product Highlights

4 warm air outlets
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4 warm air outlets

Uniform heat distribution throughout the cabin

Intuitive control panel
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Intuitive control panel

Easy operation and convenient programming

Smart chimney cover design
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Smart chimney cover design

Repels water away from the wall

3-in-1 safety system
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3-in-1 safety system

Integrating a frost, drain and over-pressure valve

Easy-to-read display
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Easy-to-read display

Well-structured design

2-in-1 unit: heats up the cabin air and 10 l hot water

Super-fast water heater allows for several showers with almost no break in-between

Intuitive control via the smart control panel

Independent air and water heating – save energy by only heating air and water when needed

Cabin vent mode – ventilation possible without operating air heater

Boost mode enables constant warm water supply

Save your favourite settings for quick setup

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LPG combo heater and water connection valves/fittings. Operating and installation manuals are included.

Product Description

Combo heater for cabin air and hot water, 4000 W, LPG

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Dometic CH4000, CH4000E, CH6000, CH6000E - ISM EMEA25

Installation and Service Manual


Dometic CH4000, CH4000E, CH6000, CH6000E - Sticker EMEA(zxx)



Dometic CH4000, CH4000E, CH6000, CH6000E - OPM EMEA25

Operating Manual


Dometic CH4000, CH4000E, CH6000, CH6000E - QSG EMEA(zxx)

Quick Start Guide

Energy-saving heater

Energy-saving heater

Dometic CH combo heaters make very economic use of energy. Instead of keeping the heater on all day, simply set the time for how long you want your water to be warm. And there's no need to heat the cabin air to get warm water either. Unlike other combo heater systems available on the market, the Dometic CH heats water independently of the cabin heating. Save energy and money while enhancing the comfort of your motorhome!

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