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Dometic Büttner MT 03066

Standby Charger Pro, LiFePO4 compatible

The standby power consumption of an alarm system or the switched-on radio may be sufficient to discharge a start battery within a few days. The Dometic Büttner Standby ChargerPro saves the situation. It constantly monitors the state of charge of the onboard and starter battery and – whenever possible – feeds excess charging current into the starter battery.

Art nr: 9620000345

Standby charger protects the starter battery from deep discharge by standby users

Excess charging current (e.g. from the solar panel) is fed into the starter battery.

Suitable for all onboard batteries – also for modern LiFePO4 vehicle batteries

Ideal for self-sufficient camping or when the vehicle is not being used for a long time

Dometic Büttner MT StandbyChargerPRO - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

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