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Dometic Büttner PP LI085

Battery expansion system “PowerUnit I”, 85 Ah

Do your AGM or gel batteries onboard work flawlessly? Then continue using them and simply switch on a LiFePO4 High Performance battery in parallel! With this practical battery expansion set, it's amazingly easy to do. LiFePO4 battery, battery computers, high-load fuses, cable sets – the package solution contains everything you need for retrofitting.

Art nr: 9620000168

Significantly more energy self-sufficiency: Capacities of all batteries add up

Super easy retrofit – all accessories included in the set

Battery control computer ensures long life of all battery types

Affordable alternative to the complete conversion to LiFePO4

A high-performance LiFePO4 battery guarantees trouble-free inverter operation

Existing AGM or gel batteries can continue to be used

AGM or gel batteries are spared and connected if necessary

Dometic Büttner MT LI85| Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Dometic Büttner Power Unit I, II, III, IV - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

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