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Dometic Büttner MT LI240

Lithium on-board battery, 240 Ah

You can connect an inverter to this compact LiFePO4 battery without any hesitation. It also reliably supplies larger end devices such as toasters, microwaves, or even an air conditioner with 230 volts. Specially developed for the demanding operating conditions in recreational vehicles, it has everything that campers expect from a high-performance lithium battery today.

Art nr: 9620000271

Suitable for operating high-wattage devices such as toasters, microwaves, and air conditioners

Maintenance-free long-life battery – designed for the high loads in recreational vehicles

Integrated battery management system (BMS) for reliable operation

Solar system and inverter operation possible without problems, thanks to high discharge currents

Integrated temperature sensors – optimal charging in all climates

Fast and complete charging via charge booster or solar system

Easy connection – battery terminals with M8 thread

Dometic Büttner MT LI 0085, MT LI 0105, MT LI 0120, MT LI 0180, MT LI 0240, MT LI 0300 - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

New from 2022: main switch function

New from 2022: main switch function

All Büttner Dometic LiFePO4 batteries from model year 2022 onwards are equipped with a main switch function. When this is activated, the battery terminals are completely de-energised. This prevents the on-board battery from discharging unintentionally, even when the vehicle is parked for long periods. The battery can also be de-energised without much effort during servicing. An additional power supply output is available for important memory functions.

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