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Dometic FlyTec FT200

Door fly screen

Single-pleated, high-quality fly screens suitable for sliding doors in the Fiat Ducato Type 250 and vehicles with an identical design. The fly screen covers the door completely for full protection against insects

Art nr: 9104117297

Dometic FlyTec FT200 - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA16

Installation and Operating Manual

Stop mosquitoes, flies and other insects

Stop mosquitoes, flies and other insects

Being close to nature has one drawback: insects in your mobile living room and bedroom can be a real nuisance. Which makes it best to take simple precautions and add a custom-fitted fly screen to the entrance. They are available now not only for standard doors, but also for the sliding doors featured by vehicles such as Fiat Ducato H2 X250 / X290. All versions are easy to install. They reliably keep those annoying creatures outside while fresh air can still circulate in the vehicle.

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