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Project Zero

A New Way of Adventuring: Project Zero Embarks on Second Leg to Promote Climate Change Awareness Through Global Expedition

Stockholm, Sweden – June 26, 2024. Watch the new Dometic documentary ‘A New Way’ following the inspiring journey of a father and son duo and their innovative approach to conservation and sustainability.

Dometic, the global leader in outdoor tech solutions, is proud to announce its latest project: the premiere of the fascinating documentary 'A New Way'. In collaboration with filmmaker Kitale Wilson, this short film narrates the inspiring journey of Project Zero Earth and their approach to conservation and sustainability.

Led by the father-son duo Geoff and Kitale Wilson, Project Zero Earth will be completed in seven legs over two years, from the Antarctic to the Arctic. Along the way, the expedition team witnesses the profound impact of climate change, engages with top scientists, advocates, and initiatives dedicated to preserving our planet. The partnership with Project Zero and the creation of ‘A New Way’ manifests the brand dedication to joining Geoff and Kitale on their mission to create global awareness and instigate change to protect the planet for future generations.

Having already embarked on the first leg of their journey in 2023, the duo is now setting off on the second leg aboard an up-cycled steel-hulled sailing yacht called NANØØK X. To conquer the harshest outdoor environments and withstand any forces of nature, they are again fully equipped with several Dometic products, such as marine sanitation and climate, mobile cooling and cooking gear, as well as mobile power solutions.

Dometic products to equip NANØØK X:

Marine Sanitation and Climate:

  • Taking command of the vessel with Dometic’s complete installation of marine products.
  • Providing the most reliable, safe, and easy-to-use steering products on the marine market.
  • Efficient servicing and upgrading of existing Dometic sanitation systems for optimal use of the original Dometic toilets and systems.

Mobile Power:

  • With Dometic’s range of start battery, bank battery, inverter, charger, and solar solutions, the duo will always have access to power.
  • Energy-efficient operation allows for 24/7 running of the portable fridge/freezer on solar and wind power alone.

Mobile Cooling:

  • Equipped with the convenience and efficiency of Dometic’s portable coolers (C6408x) and drinkware.
  • The robust 12V/240V fridge freezer acts as an overflow for the free-standing, wired-in Dometic galley fridge, handling everything the sea throws at it.
  • The sleek design and functionality of Dometic’s center console refrigerators promise high-quality cooling solutions on board.
    Mobile Cooking:
  • Providing Dometic’s installed cooker and portable cooker as backups ensures the ability to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal effortlessly, regardless of where the adventure takes them.
  • The Dometic cooktop (CS102) runs on gas, offering a reliable cooking option when the battery bank is low or when energy-saving is necessary.

Geoff Wilson, Captain of NANØØK X, highlights: “The Dometic Gear has held up in the very harshest of conditions… salt, ice, getting smashed by storms - still working well after 299 days on expedition! Phenomenal!”

‘A New Way’ aims to educate and inspire a new era of sustainable exploration where the ethos of "leave only footprints, take only photographs, and generate no carbon” is at the heart of how they explore. It truly represents Dometic’s unwavering commitment to continuously reduce its environmental impact throughout the products’ lifecycle. Always committed to offering innovative, durable, low-carbon products that inspire an active and responsible life outdoors.

"'A New Way' is more than just a documentary; it's a call to action," says Filmmaker Kitale Wilson. "Through this film, we aim to spark a global conversation about the importance of climate change and the need for collective action. I am grateful to Dometic for their support to make this journey possible and for bringing this project to life."

Dometic looks forward to continuing to support the net-zero journey and showcase its determination to reduce consumers’ environmental footprints.

For more information, visit Dometic’s website: Dometic presents a NEW WAY
More about the Project Zero here

Note to Editors
  • Imagery can be downloaded: HERE
  • The embed link for the documentary:
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  • More information regarding their first leg can be found: HERE
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