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Dometic PerfectPower DCC 2412-20

Charging converter 24 V to 12 V, 20 A

This DC charging converter transforms 24 V input voltage to 12 V and ensures that the leisure battery is optimally charged during the drive at all times – so you will never end up with an empty battery when you arrive at your destination. Highly recommendable for modern EURO 6 vehicles with smart alternators. And also for vehicles where the cable cross section is too small to supply the connected devices.

Art nr: 9600003750

Product Highlights

Perfectly fits your battery
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Perfectly fits your battery

Easily adjustable DIP switches adapt to most battery types

Leisure battery is perfectly charged while driving

Reliable solution for vehicles with EURO 6 emission standard

Stable output voltage – suitable as a constant power supply for sensitive devices

Advanced IU0U charging technology – adjustable to all common types of batteries

Easy configuration with outside DIP switches – no need to open the housing

Temperature compensated charging with optional temperature sensor

Elegant housing – exclusive Dometic design

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ChargeConverter DCC2412-20

Product Description

Charging converter 24 V to 12 V, 20 A

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Input voltage (DC), [V]


Output voltage, [V]


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Dometic DCC1224, DCC2412, DCC2424 - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA25

Installation and Operating Manual


Dometic DCC Series - Declaration of Conformity UKCA

Declarations of Conformity


Dometic DDC Series - Declaration of Conformity

Declarations of Conformity

Extend battery life

Extend battery life

PerfectCharge DCC charging converters ensure that leisure batteries are optimally charged while driving. This prevents sulphate build-up – the main cause of premature failure of all lead batteries – and significantly extends the service life. Featuring advanced IU0U charging technology, PerfectCharge DCC charging converters have enough power to give batteries a proper charge even on short stretches. On longer journeys, they guarantee a full charge, without the risk of overcharging.

Power to depend on

Power to depend on

The new charging converters in the PerfectPower DCC series are ideal for modern EURO 6 vehicles. They make sure that the leisure battery is optimally charged during the drive – even if the smart alternator won’t charge the battery due to its energy saving configuration. Generating a stable output voltage, the charging converters can be used as a power source for sensitive appliances. They can also serve as a voltage booster in installations with too small a cable cross section. Some models will simply be applied for the “classic task” of converting 12 volts into 24 volts, or vice versa.

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