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Camping might be the best idea for your next holiday. It lets you enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want, stay as long as you like, and change plans spontaneously. Just slip behind the wheel and get away for a few days to relax, unwind and refresh your mind.

No matter where the mood takes you, your Dometic air conditioner gives you a comfortable place to rest after an active day outdoors – pleasantly cool in the summer heat, cosily warm when it’s chilly out, and always with clean air for you to breathe.

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The period from May to September 2021 is “fresh air time” for all camping and caravan enthusiasts. Anyone who buys a Dometic air conditioner during these five months will enjoy a new level of comfort and receive five nights at LeadingCampings free of charge.

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Dometic Freshjet 3000

Quiet and efficient roof air conditioner with inverter compressor

Minimum vibrations

Patented inverter compressor

Quiet and Powerful

With low power consumption

LED ambient lighting

Can be activated via remote control

Even air distribution

Adjustable outlet vents

Easy control

Intuitive touch control on air distribution box

Extra convenience

Remote control operation and energy-saving sleep mode

Discover the FreshJet Series

The FreshJet-series air conditioners are among the smallest on the market. No matter the size of your motorhome, there’s a FreshJet to keep you comfortable without taking any more space than you can spare.
Dometic FreshJet 1700
Roof air conditioner for vehicles up to 6 m in length, 1700 W
Dometic FreshJet 2000
Roof air conditioner for campervans, 2000 W
simple grey

Explore more of our air conditioners

Our comprehensive range of air conditioning units includes a perfect match for every size of vehicle, for all comfort requirements and for all installation conditions. If the under-bench storage space in your camper is still free, our FreshWell 3000 can be a smart solution. If you don’t want to sacrifice the roof light, opt for our FreshLight 2200 model to get the best of both world – efficient air conditioning and daylight from above.
Dometic FreshLight 2200
Roof air conditioner with window for vehicles up to 7 m, 2200 W
Dometic FreshWell 3000
Under-bench air conditioner for vehicles up to 8 m in length, 2700 W

Buying Guide

The refreshing cool of an air conditioner can be the key to your onboard comfort. This buying guide explains the different features and benefits of our models, helping you to choose the ideal unit for your vehicle.

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