Dometic Xtreme Power Assist

Smooth steering

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The Xtreme Power Assist is engineered to bring the smooth, easy control of electric power-assisted steering to a wide range of popular boats, including pontoons, runabouts, RIBS, aluminum fishing boats, and center consoles. This is an affordable, easy-to-install solution that offers a more enjoyable driving experience.

Reduced steering effort

Car-like driving experience

Simple installation

Plug-and-play system

Safe and secure

Built-in failsafe system

Experience smooth handling with your current mechanical steering system

  • Significantly reduced steering effort provides a car-like driving experience for mechanically steered boats.
  • Engineered to fit a wide range of single engine, mechanically steered outboard boats from 90-200HP.
  • Integrates with any existing SeaStar rack or rotary cable steering system, so there is no need to install new steering to take advantage of this new technology.
  • Designed as a self-contained, plug-and-play system which easily mounts to all major outboard brands and integrates with the boat’s existing mechanical steering in less than 30 minutes.
  • Built-in failsafe system automatically reverts to mechanical steering in the event of a system failure.