Dometic Xtreme 33C

Xtreme Steering Cable Red 72'

Dometic control cables are a complete range designed to suit all applications. Available in standard, midrange, and premium styles. : 9130002173 (CCX63272)
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Dometic Xtreme 33C
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    • Standard cables use stainless steel Lubri-core wire for smooth operation and long life (8" minimum bend radius)
    • Premium cables have a heavy jacket and the Xtreme splined, coated core element for maximum smoothness with minimal lost motion (4" minimum bend radius)
    • Black HDPE outer casing ensures durability and strong resistance to UV and chemicals


SKU number 9130002173 
Model 33C Style 
Product Description Xtreme Steering Cable Red 72'  
Dimensions product depth 2.60 "
Dimensions product height 17 "
Dimensions product width 17.20 "
Dimensions product length 72.00 feet
Parcel weight 8.19 lbs