Dometic TW24
Holding tank discharge pump, 24 V

A robust, yet ultra-quiet, long-life holding tank discharge pump for 24 V DC.
  • Robust
  • Ultra quiet
  • Long life design : 9107100007 (317402400) Visit support page + FAQ

Reliable waste tank discharge pump

For premium tank discharge performance, Dometic TW Series pumps provide unsurpassed quality and reliability. Unlike impeller-type macerator pumps, the bellows-style TW pump can run dry without threat of damage, and draws only 6 amps at 12V DC.
  • Produces 300 gph/1136 lph flow rate
  • Runs dry without harm (prevents motor burn-up)
  • Self-priming to 10 feet/3.3 m of water
  • Integrates with Dometic Tank Discharge (DTD) control systems
  • Draws only 6 amps at 12V DC
  • Draws only 3 amps at 24V DC
Can be operated with direct current
Reliable waste tank discharge pump
Dometic Motorboat Luxury
Dometic TW24
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    • Self-priming – can be placed above water tank
    • Quiet operation
    • Thermally protected motor

Quiet at the back

The Dometic TW24 waste discharge pump is based on a unique bellows design that offers a longer life than competitor models. Distinguishable by its ultra-quiet operation, the TW pump can also run dry without damage. It handles liquids and solids and features a thermally protected motor. This 24 V DC model is also available as a 12 V DC version.


SKU number 9107100007 
Model on label SP TW24 
Scope of delivery Pump. Adapter. Manual 
Product Description Holding tank discharge pump, 24 V 
Dimensions product depth 349.25 mm
Dimensions product height 196.85 mm
Dimensions product width 171.45 mm
Net weight 3.18 kg
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
EAN-13 87735101943 
Dimensions parcel depth 304.8 mm
Dimensions parcel height 215.9 mm
Dimensions parcel width 209.55 mm
Parcel weight 3.63 kg