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You don’t need to be an experienced camper to enjoy a relaxing staycation with your family, you just need Dometic. We’ve been helping families make the most of the outdoors in comfort for years — and we’re ready to help you find your freedom and have an unforgettable summer.

Couples with small children

For young and active couples with small children wanting to enjoy a night or weekend outdoors — a lightweight and fast-pitch camping setup is recommended. Bring a portable battery and mobile powered cooler for added comfort and enjoy fresh food and cool drinks for the whole trip.

Shelter and sleeping

Dometic tents provide comfort, shelter and convenience for you and your family. Get off grid and get back to basics. Get lost in your outdoor activities and live in the moment, free from distractions. When the day is done, relax in comfort and enjoy a restful night’s sleep and start the next day fresh with energy.

Eating and drinking

At home, it’s common to take things for granted. But when outdoors, there’s nothing better than starting the day with a cup of hot cup of coffee in the crisp morning air or returning to camp after a long day to a warm wholesome meal enjoyed together around the campfire.

Dining and Relaxing

After a fun-filled day, there’s nothing better than sitting back and reclining into relaxation. Enjoy quality time as a family without distractions over a shared meal under the stars and rest up for a whole new day of outdoor adventures with our wide range of camping furniture.

Portable power

Take the connectivity of modern electronics with you. With a Dometic portable battery you can keep phones, laptops and tablets fully charged to enjoy your favorite on-demand series from your campsite or to share highlights with friends and family.

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