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Car Camping

Pack the camping gear and hit the road: the possibilities to explore, experience and adventure are endless with your vehicle as your basecamp. Make weekend escapes more convenient, prepare for your next camping outing, or ratchet up the comfort on extended road trips. Whatever your camping style, discover equipment for every adventure, from camp storage to ice chests to camping chairs and more.

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          What is camping?

          Camping is a recreational activity that involves spending time away from urban areas and immersing yourself in the outdoors. Sleeping in tents or vehicles allows campers easy access to activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, biking, and preparing meals outside. While some people opt for RVs or other highly specialized camping rigs, the best vehicle for car camping is the one already parked in your driveway. With high-quality rooftop tents, shelters, packable camp furniture and storage options widely available, it’s easier (and more comfortable) than ever to hit the road and experience time in nature.

          How to eat good meals while camping?

          Car camping opens a world of culinary possibilities that are as much a part of the adventure as the other activities you've planned. A portable grill or stovetop is essential, unless you plan to cook over a campfire. A powered cooler will keep food fresh for many days, just like your fridge at home. (And since you’re on the road, consider taking advantage of fresh, local produce.) The best food tastes even better outside, so bring camp furniture that packs easily into your car to elevate your camp kitchen hangouts. With some thoughtful meal planning, you’ll whip up gourmet meals wherever you make camp.

          What are some things to do while camping?

          Unlimited access to the great outdoors is the greatest perk of vehicle-based camping. Dive into adventure by embarking on activities like mountain biking on rugged trails, taking on difficult hikes, rock climbing, rafting and more. Or unwind with more leisurely activities like reading a good book around camp, preparing a gourmet meal, or sharing stories around the campfire. Whether you prioritize adventure or relaxation, camping offers the perfect backdrop for creating shared memories in nature.

          What to bring camping?

          Your camping checklist depends on where you’re headed—but camping essentials for sleeping, hanging around camp, and preparing meals will serve you well, no matter the destination. Comfort is key: with so many options for rooftop tents, shelters, and collapsible furniture, there’s no reason to be roughing it. Build out a dedicated camp kitchen with cookware, utensils, portable stove, ice chest or powered cooler, and water jug and faucet. Finally, mobile power systems will allow you to keep your devices powered up whether you’re off-grid for a few days or a few months.