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Van Life

Experience the thrill of spontaneous travel on the open road. Embrace endless possibilities and the convenience of home while on the move. Elevate your mobile lifestyle by incorporating climate control systems and gourmet cooking tools into your van conversion. Explore the intricacies of van living and personalize your conversion to suit your unique sense of adventure.

      Your Van, Your Home

      Build out the perfect home-on-the-road

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          What are the benefits of living in a van?

          For maximum freedom and flexibility, van life is hard to beat: the open road means that every day is an opportunity to explore, and home is wherever you park it. Van-dwelling also allows closer connections to nature and a simpler way of living—a remedy to the chaotic, often-overwhelming tempo of modern life. Finally, your van is endlessly customizable, meaning that you can shape it to perfectly fit your lifestyle.

          How can I customize my campervan?

          Everyone’s version of the perfect living space is different. Whether you need a bike garage, dedicated workspace, or a totally outfitted kitchen, your van buildout should reflect your unique life-on-the-road. From bathrooms to storage to kitchenettes, options for van customization are endless. Plus, features like solar panels, a water filtration system, and air conditioning can all be added to make your van just as comfortable and functional as home.

          How can I make my sprinter van more sustainable and eco-friendly?

          Van life and taking care of the planet can go hand-in-hand—and there are more opportunities than ever to make eco-friendly van living choices. Excellent first steps include choosing a renewable energy source such as solar power and opting for more efficient appliances to reduce your overall energy consumption. (Our newest air conditioners for RVs, for example, are the most power-efficient on the market.) Buying locally sourced, organic food can also go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint while on the road.

          What do I need to get started with van life?

          Whether you’re customizing a Sprinter, panel van, or bus, a few essential tools and equipment will smooth out your transition to live on the road full time or part time. A refrigerator or powered cooler to keep food fresh tops the list—but heating, ventilation, a portable toilet, and mobile power solutions (such as solar panels and batteries) are also important. And when interior space begins to feel cramped, an awning and collapsible furniture can expand your living space to the outdoors.