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From faraway locales to burly terrain, nowhere is off-limits when you’re equipped to deal with whatever nature throws at you. From kitchen essentials to mobile power solutions, dive into overlanding gear and learn how the journey can become the destination.

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          What is overlanding?

          Overlanding is a type of adventure travel in which the experience of the journey is the primary purpose. Typically involving off-road travel in rugged vehicles such as 4x4 trucks or SUVs, overlanding embraces self-sufficiency and camping in remote areas. Whether you’re off-grid for a few days or have adopted it as a full-time lifestyle, overlanding is all about relying on your preparation, vehicle, and as you immerse in new cultures, connect with nature, and explore destinations off the beaten path.

          How do I get started with overlanding?

          Overlanding's spirit of adventure begins well before the tires hit the dirt: Begin with an exciting destination and research potential routes and camping spots. Since self-sufficiency is critical when traveling in remote areas, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped. Depending on your trip specifics (route length, duration, terrain), this may mean investing in equipment built for vehicle-based travel such as , , , and more.

          Off-grid living power basics

          Overlanding often involves extended travel off-grid—but with modern solar power and battery systems, it’s possible to use all your electronic devices even in the most remote locations. With a range of , , Dometic’s completely mobile power solutions fit your overlanding setup to ensure your devices (from smartphones to laptops to powered coolers and more) are always up and running and never out of power.

          Take gourmet off-grid

          Don’t underestimate the power of a well-equipped camp kitchen: Wherever you end up after a long day on the road, nothing rivals an icy-cold drink and gourmet meal. Build out your overlanding kitchen setup with , portable grills, , and that keep food fresh with no ice needed. Fuel your adventures with all the flavor and convenience of meals cooked at home.