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Activities: RV Living

RV Living

Discover comfort and convenience as boundless as the open road. From reliable mobile power systems and RV toilets to awnings and comfortable camp furniture, equip your RV with all the essentials for life on the road. Transform your travel with an RV, whether you’re thinking of full time rv living or weekend getaways, learn more about the nuances of living in a motor home, fifth wheel, camper van or travel trailer.

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RV Living

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      What does RV stand for?

      RV stands for “recreational vehicle.” RVing involves traveling and living in a purpose-built vehicle that allows individuals, families, and friends alike to explore different destinations while still having access to home-like amenities such as sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and bathroom. RVers embark on trips ranging from short overnights to full-time mobile living, providing ample opportunities to adventure, relax, and connect with nature.

      Must haves for RVing

      RV living offers unparalleled flexibility and the freedom to explore—but you’ll need a few essentials before you hit the road: A powerful will keep you comfortable on even the warmest nights. Bring gourmet to go with a reliable and . Catch sunset over dinner (or grab some shade on sunny days) when you expand your living space into the outdoors with an . Finally, don’t overlook sanitation products: an that feels just like the one at home is a must-have when traveling and camping.

      What is the difference between an A class, B class, C class, and trailer?

      Choosing the RV that’s right for your unique style of travel can be difficult, so it’s useful to know how they’re classified. Class A motorhomes are the largest and resemble a “box on wheels” with the most space and amenities. Class B vehicles are also known as camper vans. Although they’re the smallest motorhome class, they still have everything needed for self-contained travel. Class C RVs have a sleeping area over the cab and are often (but not always) sized between A and B motorhomes. Pull-behind campers (such as fifth wheels, travel trailers, and popups) are not divided into class categories.

      Types of RV camping

      From off-grid escapes to luxurious full-hookup sites in campgrounds, RVing offers a range of camping experiences. RV parks and some campgrounds cater to RVer’s needs, often providing amenities such as dump stations and electrical and water hookups. Boondocking (also known as dry camping) refers to camping in undeveloped areas without access to any hookups. Dry camping often offers solitude and access to nature but requires off-grid power systems such as and ample .