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Dometic Büttner MT LB2412-45

Charging Booster, 24 V/12 V, 45 A

The base of your motorhome is equipped with a 24-V system, but the expansion is designed with 12 V? Then this 24 V/12 V charging booster ensures optimal charging of the onboard batteries during your journey. The is cheaper and more effective than a second 12-V alternator. Modern IU0U charging technology guarantees a high charging performance on short distances and full charging during longer journeys.

Art nr: 9620000235

Optimum charge of the onboard batteries while driving

State-of-the-art IU0U charging technology – fast, gentle charging of all types of batteries

Removable control unit serves as a remote display in the interior

High charging performance even on short distances

Guaranteed full charge for longer journeys - no overload

Detachable control unit – can be used for remote monitoring in the interior

Selector switch for setting the optimal charging curve (gel, AGM, liquid acid, LiFePO4)

Dometic Büttner MT LB 30, MT LB 2412-25, MT LB 2412-45 - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

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