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Dometic Büttner MT PL1500SI

PowerLine inverter, 1500 W, 12 V

With this 1500 W high-power inverter from the PowerLine series, you can operate almost all 230 V devices that are required in the motorhome. This includes a coffee machine as well as a vacuum cleaner or powerful hair dryer. With the pure sine wave output voltage, sensitive devices are also well supplied. The control panel functions as a convenient remote control.

7 999 kr
Art nr: 9620000165

Pure 230 V AC sine wave voltage – also suitable for sensitive loads

Rich 1500 W output power – also suitable for energy-hungry users

High efficiency – economical handling of precious onboard electricity

Remote control via control panel or control input

High-performance temperature-controlled fan

High operational safety – protection against overload, overheating and battery undervoltage

Supplied with connection cable with integrated fuse

Dometic Büttner MT PL 300 SI, MT PL 600 SI, MT PL 1500 SI, MT PL 2000 SI - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

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