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Dometic Xtreme CCX633

Xtreme Cable Assembly, 3300 CC, available in many lengths

Dometic Xtreme Control cables have a patented splined core for smoother control without sacrificing precision. The HDPE outer casing offers durability and excellent resistance to UV and chemicals. This CCX633 series cable is a replacement for 3300 CC premium cables.

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Standard cables use stainless steel Lubri-core wire for smooth operation and long life (8" minimum bend radius)

Premium cables have a heavy jacket and the Xtreme splined, coated core element for maximum smoothness with minimal lost motion (4" minimum bend radius)

Black HDPE outer casing ensures durability and strong resistance to UV and chemicals

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33C Style

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Xtreme Steering Cable Red 18'

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1 1/4

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WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

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