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Dometic CFX 50W

Powered Cooler, 46 l

The CFX is an award winning powered cooler that combines durable, deep-freeze capabilities with ultra-low power consumption to bring fresh food and cold drinks anywhere.

Product Highlights

Rugged Design
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Rugged Design

Thermoplastic polymer construction, reinforced corners, and fully insulated lid with stainless steel hinges.

Multiple Power Options
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Multiple Power Options

12/24V DC and 100-240V AC

Digital Controls
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Digital Controls

Adjust temperature, battery protection, brightness, and more

LED Light
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LED Light

Energy-efficient interior light to check on your contents

Easy To Carry
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Easy To Carry

Folding handles can be used as tie down points or can detach

Dometic CFX App
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Dometic CFX App

Adjust and check on temperature, battery protection, voltage, and more

72 Can/46l Capacity, deep-freeze to -7°, single zone cooling compartment

Dimensions: 18.5" H x 28.5" W x 17.9" D

Advanced compressor electronics ensure ultra-low power consumption using AC, DC, and solar power - enjoy the freedom to go off-grid!

Enjoy 60% more storage capacity in the same exterior space! Compared to similar capacity ice chest using recommended ice/content ratio.

3 Stage Dynamic Battery Protection System automatically shuts the product off to prevent a dead car starter battery and improves car battery performance.

Precisely control and monitor temperature +/- 2°F via a digital display or WiFi App.

Energy-efficient LED interior light and removable wire baskets with dividers for optimal content organization.

Drain plug allows for easy cleaning, plus the lid's hinges can be reversed for convenient loading.

Durable and removable powder coated steel handle and glass filled nylon mounting brackets.

Innovative USB port for charging small electronic devices.

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Scope of delivery

1 cooler; 1 manual; 1 DC power cord; 1 AC power cord; 1 basket

Single or Dual Zone


Product Description

Electric cooler

Refrigeration technology


Dimensions product depth, ["]


Dimensions product height, ["]


Dimensions product width, ["]


Product depth w/out handle, ['']


Net weight, [lbs]


Total volume (IEC 62552-3), [l]


Amount of cans (12oz/375ml)


Input voltage (AC), [V]


Input voltage (DC), [V]


Rated input current (AC), [A]

0.79A at 120V

Rated input current (DC), [A]


Input frequency, [Hz]


Refrigerant, type


Refrigerant amount, [g]


Noise (EN60704-1 & 60704-2-14), [dB(A)]


Climate class (EN 62552)


Temperature Range

-7°F to +50°F

Insulation Thickness


Insulation Type

PU (Polyurethane)


Smokey Gray

USB Port

5V, 500 mA

Connectivity Type




Threaded inserts in base for mounting


Drain plug


Interior light

Yes, LED





Dimensions parcel depth, ["]


Dimensions parcel height, ["]


Dimensions parcel width, ["]


Parcel weight, [lbs]


Dometic CFX28, CFX35W, CFX40W, CFX50W, CFX65W, CFX65DZ, CFX100W - Operating Manual AMER(en-fr-es-pt)

Operating Manual


Dometic CFX-Series - Declaration of Conformity

Declarations of Conformity


WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

The ideal cooler for a getaway with young children!

The ideal cooler for a getaway with young children!

For the solo overlanding enthusiast, the CFX 50W is the perfect solution. With 46 liters of internal capacity, this powered cooler will hold up to 72 cans, steaks, ice cream or anything else you’d want to bring to your off-grid camp. Designed to take a beating from the trail, it fits perfectly in the back of SUV/Trucks and easily holds enough food and drinks for a week long adventure. Add a CFX Slide for the most convenient access to all your fresh food and drink while on the trail.

Award-winning fridge/freezer

Award-winning fridge/freezer

The Dometic CFX series represents the next generation of portable fridge/freezers. Firstly, there’s the CFX Special Electronics which include an intelligent automatic turbo cooler and memory function. Then not only is it suitable for deep freezing down to –22 °C (–7 °F) but it can also operate on solar power. This premium compressor cooler provides superbly quiet and highly-efficient cooling performance, regardless of the ambient temperature. There's even a USB charging port for charging small electrical devices. Take this amazing fridge or freezer wherever you go thanks to its conveniently detachable carry handles. Fitted with heavy-duty details like reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a robust lid lining, Dometic's award-winning CFX series fridge/freezers can withstand the most demanding of loads. A special feature of the CFX-W-models is the convenient option of controlling and monitoring cooling temperature by WiFi app!

Where does the CFX get its immense power?

Where does the CFX get its immense power?

Compressor cooling technology, used in Dometic's CFX series, offers unrivalled cooling power. But how does it work? Well, it relies on a refrigerant that changes from a liquid to gaseous state in the evaporator. The evaporation process extracts heat from the interior of the cooling unit, causing the temperature to drop. The compressor draws in the refrigerant, compresses it and passes it on to the condenser. From here, the absorbed heat is released into the atmosphere. The refrigerant liquefies and flows back to the evaporator, where the cycle begins again. The result of this is an excellent cooling performance, capable of deep-freezing, even at extreme ambient temperatures.

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