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Air Quality Onboard Is About More Than Just Hot or Cold

Premium Climate Control Technology is Vital, But Don’t Forget That  
Clean, Good-Smelling Air Matters Too 

Whether you live and boat in an area of the country where it gets cold, enjoying time on the water could very much depend on your boat’s climate control system. It’s true that for cabin-style boats with gallies, salons, and staterooms, keeping these interior spaces at the optimal temperature plays a big role in the mood of you and your crew. 
For this reason, Dometic Marine offers some of the most technically advanced A/C and heating systems specifically engineered and built for use in the challenging marine environment. Dometic offers self-contained systems, split-gas systems, and chilled water systems to cover the climate control needs of power- and sailboats ranging from 30 feet to yachts of 100 feet in length and more.   
Today’s line of Dometic Marine A/C and Heating systems has garnered NMMA Innovation Awards and DAME Design Awards for their energy efficiency, global voltage versatility, and advanced construction. No other marine company has put so much expertise and engineering effort into keeping the interior spaces of boats at a consistent, comfortable temperature — despite how the weather and environmental conditions might be changing outside. 

In this article, however, we’re going to focus on another important need that can greatly enhance the quality-of-life aboard sailboats, powerboats, and other vessels — fresh, healthy, clean-smelling air. 

In addition to a wide range of A/C and heating systems, Dometic Marine also offers innovative ways to enhance the quality of the air circulating through the interior living spaces of today’s boats. These include both standard and large capacity Fresh-Air Makeup Air Handlers that introduce fresh, dehumidified air into interior spaces that need it. Large capacity versions are designed to filter fresh air being brought in to reduce its humidity and salinity — adding to the comfort levels in below deck areas. 
However, the biggest innovation in healthy, fresh-smelling air for boats might very well be one of Dometic’s smallest and simplest products — the new Breathe Ionizer. Based on proven technology used in hospitals and “clean rooms”, this affordable and easy-to-use technology cleans the air and removes musty odors that commonly impact boats. Whether it’s in the galley, stateroom, salon, or engine room, unpleasant things like mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants/allergens can create foul odors and impact boaters’ ability to enjoy life on the water. 
The Breathe Ionizer solves this problem by using positive and negatively charged ions to reduce pathogens and mold spores by attacking their core structure. Odors and VOCs are also reduced as ions break them down on a molecular level. This same product also removes allergens and dust from the air. Ions in the air are attracted to the particles, increasing their size so they fall out of the air or are easily trapped in the air filter.   
Installing this accessory couldn’t be easier. Simply drill two holes anywhere in the path of the moving air, such as in the blower housing, transition box, or directly at the discharge grille plenum. The unit can be wired directly to the fan output so that it’s only powered up when needed. It’s easy to tell when the Breathe Ionizer is working, thanks to a non-intrusive LED light on top of the device. It’s easy to place this product in multiple places around a vessel — anywhere you want to freshen the air and make breathing below deck easier.

It’s notable that Breathe Ionizer was chosen as a 2024 Top Product by the editors of Boating Industry Magazine. This just goes to show how important fresh air is to the boating lifestyle, whether you’re up on deck, enjoying a meal in the salon, or catching up on some sack time below deck. 
To learn more about Dometic Marine A/C and Heating Systems, and ways to keep your boat’s insides healthy and clean-smelling, speak with your authorized Dometic dealer or visit online at

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