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CFX2 electric cooler features with icons.
CFX2 Features infographic.
CFX2 electric cooler size comparison infographic.

Easy to Use Interface

The intuitive control panel lets you set a precise temperature: -7°F (-18°C) to 68°F (20°C), letting you know when you're at your desired temperature and ready to pack.

For Your Car or At Home

Use the AC or DC cable - included - plug into an external battery or directly into your car. Have total flexibility in powering your electric cooler.

Infographic showing watt hour usage versus a lightbulb.

Energy Efficient Compressor

Plug it in and go - gets cold fast and stays cold. Reliable VMSO3 compressor cools and freezes to -7°F, using 85% less power than a 60W light bulb.

Inside of a cfx2 electric cooler with cans in the basket side.

More Cooler Storage

Pack more of what you love and be out of ice forerver. Every inch is dedicated to your food and drink storage - not ice packs.

Design Details

Made with lightweight materials, reinforced corners, durable ABS folding handles, stainless steel hinges, and a robust removable lid.

Packing a cooler with little girl watching.

Stay Organized

Removable wire basket lets you organize food at home and drop it in when it's time to go. Keep fruits and vegetables in the crisper section of the cooler, above the compressor.

Father and daughter getting food out of cfx2 electric cooler at night with light inside cooler on.

Light It Up

Midnight snack? Interior LED light makes it easy to see inside and find your food in the dark.

Close up of cfx2 electric cooler app

Mobile Cooling App

Manage temps with the cooler's easy control panel or use our Mobile Cooling app to connect, control, and manage your cooler's temperature.

Collage of photos of families using the cfx2 electric cooler.

Reimagine Your Outside

Meet the Brown and Easley families – led by Sara and Megan – two Dometic team members rewriting the rules of outdoor exploration.

It's not about lengthy trips or elaborate plans – it's about simplifying the journey and rediscovering the beauty of nature, one adventure at a time. 
Fresh air. Fresh food. Fresh ideas. Time to get out, with Dometic’s CFX2 electric cooler.


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