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On The Go With The Fowler Family

On The Go With The Fowler Family
At Home In the Outdoors

Mylo Fowler (@navajomylo) grew up with his grandparents in the heart of the Navajo Nation, living off the land and learning respect for it. Today, the photographer is known for capturing miraculous moments in nature. He’s passionate about his work, about his family, about the outdoors, and about helping people who need it.

“My grandparents were grateful for every raindrop and every seed we could harvest from the fields,” says Fowler, 39. “We were grateful for the land because that’s what sustained us.” From an early age, he learned that “we are called to take care of nature, to not take more than you need, and to respect nature — its power and strength — and be a voice for it,” he says.

Fowler first grew fascinated with photography as a slot canyon tour company leader. He loved math and studied how light worked so that he could determine the correct exposure time and apertures to create stunning photographs. He started creating his own photos and is now a well-known photographer who also believes in giving back to people who need help.

Fowler Family
Fowler Family
A Family Affair

Fowler enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Lauren, and their children: son, Denali, 9; and daughter, Aurora Winter, 7. “I love the time when we are outside, whether we’re going for a walk along a riverbank or on a trail, and being 100 percent attentive to our surroundings,” he says. “Our sensitivity is so heightened whenever we see a rainbow trout or beaver or bald eagle. It’s exciting and it’s not something we see Monday-Friday…our canvas is blank when we go out and we come back with photos and stories…I love having these monumental moments where we connect together as a family.”

Dometic gear helps make those moments possible. “I love using the CFX 75DZ powered cooler because it means we're going on a good trip!” says Mylo. “The 75DZ can pack a lot of food for our family of four. My favorite trips have been this summer where we can have a good salad, steak, and ice cream for dessert, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.”

“My favorite Dometic GO products have been the hydration water jug and the faucet. Having grown up without running water – let alone clean water – we subscribe to drinking water that is delivered in 5-gallon jugs. My biggest challenge has been taking that yummy water and bringing it camping. Now I can!” says Fowler. “Also the chairs are so comfortable and compact and our kids love the bench and table because they are so easy to set up.”

He wants his kids to be able to turn to the outdoors as they grow older as well. “As technology advances, I’m going to assume that it’s going to be easier to access information as we get older,” he says. “I hope that our family continues to appreciate the outdoors so they can turn those devices off and find themselves in those quiet moments in nature where the peace continues to flow. I want them to be able to harness the power of nature, to take a breather, and use that time to ponder and meditate about what’s important for them in their lives.”

Fowler Family
Upcoming Trip to Alaska

This June, Fowler will combine his nonprofit work with family time. He’ll drive from Salt Lake City to Anchorage, Alaska. “I’ve always wanted to drive and experience it rather than by plane,” he says. “I’ll be able to stop and help a couple of families at reservations along the way, and then my wife and kids will fly in and we’ll be able to explore Alaska and really experience what that lifestyle and culture is about.”

After his family flies home, Fowler will fly to Nome, Alaska, continuing his adventure and delivering solar power and CFX3 powered coolers to more families. He plans to continue making a difference in the lives of people who need it for as long as he can.